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Wine, Hors D'oeuvres,

and Show


2.5 Hours -- 100 Seats


wine flourish reversed

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Magic Castle Magician David Minkin

close-up magic show

David's close-up show is designed for audiences of up to 100 people.

It features breathtaking magic presented in an artistic and thoughtful style, with plenty of audience interaction.

David's show in Los Angeles has been running for over eight years straight with rave reviews.

To bring this world-class experience to your corporate event, check David's availability.



Stage magician

stage magic show

For larger corporate groups, David creates the intimate feel of close-up magic by using a camera and projection screen, as well as traditional stage magic.

The projected magic preserves the mystery and elegance of close-up magic while playing to an audience of any size.

In the photo, David is performing for 2,400 people in Louisville, Kentucky.




strolling magician

Strolling magic involves more than just mingling in a crowd and performing magic. It blends the art of magic with the art of conversation.

David's strolling magic earned him a gold medal from the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

At your event, he will not only create fun and memorable experiences for your guests... he'll also do it in a classy and nuanced manner.

To bring his magic to your Los Angeles event, check his availability.

Magician testimonials



Johnny Depp:

"That's the greatest thing I've ever seen. Really.. that was staggering!"

Johnny and magician David Minkin


Lionel Richie:

"From one entertainer to another, you did a masterful job!"

Lionel Richie and David Minkin

Sharon Osbourne

"That was wonderful!"

David and Sharon


Robert Rodriguez

"That was mindblowing, David. Really great. Everyone around me was talking about it the rest of the night and the next day!

If I were to give a quote, it'd be something like, "Everyone else does magic tricks. David's magic can only be described as that... magic. Absolutely mindblowing."

rr photo


Seth Rogen

"That was some of the craziest $--# I've ever seen!"

Seth Rogan and magician David Minkin


Rob Reiner

"That was absolutely phenomenal. David, you're the best!"

RR after magic show


Geezer Butler

Bassist - Black Sabbath

"Great job astounding everyone with your magic."


Geezer and magician David Minkin

Josh Groban

"That was some of the most incredible magic I've ever seen!"

Magician David Minkin and JG


Johnny Chan

World Poker Tour Champion:

"I have no idea how you did that!"

Johnny has an outstanding "poker face". This is how his face looked after he was told what card he chose in his mind... the five of clubs!

JC with Minkin




Frank Iero

Guitarist - My Chemical Romance:

"You blew our faces off!"


FI with Magician


Alyssa Milano:

"I've seen you're show! You're great!"



"That's the best magic I've ever seen."


Marilyn Manson:

"Nicely done."


Simon Wright - AC/DC:

"That's incredible! Holy S---!"


Priscilla Presley:

"Can I feel your hand? Your energy is amazing."


Dizzy Reed - Guns N' Roses:

"That was awesome, man. Really fantastic."


Anne Hathaway:

"Two thumbs up!"


Dita Von Teese:

"That was really great."


Chris Slade, AC/DC

Chris Slade and David


Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy

Felicity, Bill, and David


John Paul Dejoria - Paul Mitchell

David Minkin and John Paul Dejoria of Paul Mitchell


Alice Cooper

David Minkin and Alice Cooper


Shirley Manson

David and Shirley


Angelina Jolie


Steven Tyler


Trey Parker & Matt Stone


Barbra Streisand


Katy Perry


Tobey Maguire


Katy Sagal


Vanessa Paradis


Teri Hatcher


Selena Gomez


Amber Heard


Rose McGowan


Paul Reubens


Matt Sorum - Guns N' Roses


Ron Meyer - President NBC Universal


Joel Silver


Saudi Royal Family


The list goes on...


"You are a brilliant performer, with contagious enthusiasm and a positive and genuine dedication to your art. It was a pleasure to meet you! I wish you the best as you continue to share beautiful mysteries and wonder with a world full of too much skepticism."

- Marguerite Manela


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